Welcome to Guangxi Medical University!


Brief Introduction to Guangxi Medical University

Guangxi Medical University is located in the beautiful city of Nanning, the capital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Nanning is known in China as the “Green City” the “Garden City”. Here, the air is fresh, the view is panoramic, the weather is temperate.

Founded more than 80 years ago in the year of 1934, Guangxi Medical University or, GXMU, is a high-level teaching-and-research-oriented medical university. GXMU is one of the 22 oldest medical institutes in China. It is now one of the key universities with strong support of the Regional government. It is also the center of medical education, research, treatment prevention, as well as health care in Guangxi. 

GXMU boasts a well-developed medical education system, offering undergraduate, postgraduate doctoral programs, as well as other training continuing educational programs. GXMU currently has 20 institutes offering 27 undergraduate programs, 6 affiliated hospitals 11 non-affiliated hospitals. It is home to 25635 full-time students, including more than 800 international students, growing. Over the years, more than 60,000 full-time medical students have graduated from GXMU, many of whom have gone on to become the backbone of medicine here locally in Guangxi. GXMU has also educated trained more than 1,000 international students from more than 70 countries regions. It is a well-established internationally recognized medical university.


In 1978 GXMU began to enroll international students, making it one of the first 8 medical universities ever authorized by Chinese government; In 1981 GXMU was one of the earliest Degree awarding universities in China; In 1984 GXMU was the first university in Guangxi among the second batch in China entitled to award doctoral degree; In 2007 GXMU was one of the universities accredited by the Ministry of Education to enroll MBBS international students instructed in English; In 2011 GXMU successful passed the accreditations on clinical medicine nursing education conducted by the Ministry of Education.

For years, generations of professors students of GXMU have devoted themselves to the study, research treatment of various diseases, including common frequently-occurring diseases in Guangxi, as well as endemic diseases. Some of these are thalassemia, liver cancer, nasopharyngeal carcinoma. They have also won various acclaims honors from the frontline of medical research field.

Guided by the motto of “Social Commitment Self-improvement, Rich in Knowledge Righteous in Practice”, GXMU aims to increase the level of medical practice for the wellbeing of all society. 16 affiliated hospitals are upper first-class hospitals. Among them are the First Affiliated Hospital, Oncology Hospital, Stomatology Hospital, all of which are the largest comprehensive or specialized hospitals in Guangxi. These hospitals have a very high patient turnover where treatment operations are performed with a very good clinical outcome.

GXMU has built very close relationships with medical institutions in 40 countries, has sent large numbers of its dedicated teachers to further their studies researches in 50 plus countries, including America, England, France, Germany Japan. Such a move has helped GXMU to firmly establish itself as an international medical learning research institute worldwide.

We welcome you to Guangxi Medical University.